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Who we are

An innovative new content studio that sits at the unique intersection of sports and entertainment, honoring the past and inspiring the future by creating unique sports-centric content across all genres, formats and mediums.


  • Raise the bar for original, sports-driven content with innovative storytelling, creative and production resources
  • Bring the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Hall of Fame Village’s assets, brand attributes and core values to life through groundbreaking new content
  • Develop content across all formats, from long-form series and films to short-form branded content, social influence and NFTs
  • Create a new and more engaging fan experience by taking audiences behind-the-scenes and into the minds, hearts and passions of elite athletes
  • Offer unprecedented access to some of the greatest athletes, intellectual property and events


Hall of Fame Village Media brings a 360-degree approach to content creation, offering a full suite of services, first-class facilities, and capabilities, including:

  • Unique IP, creative, and storytelling resources
  • Nimble and flexible business model that can work across a range of mediums, genres, and storylines
  • Creative content ideation and development
  • Physical production services
  • Unprecedented access to some of the highest profile active, retired and legendary athletes
  • Content packaging and distribution sales
  • World-class destination, facilities and events
  • Commitment to excellence in all aspects of the business
Football Heaven Podcast

Tapping into the Hall of Fame's incredible collection of over 40 million documents and artifacts, this video podcast series, hosted by Aditi Kinkhabwala, focuses on the most fascinating storylines and personalities in the NFL past and present featuring A-list special guests in each episode.
Series celebrating inspirational NFL figures who have used their platform to help those in need while uniting communities. Pilot aired June 4th-5th, 2022 on 100+ Gray Television local channels.
The Perfect 10
Documentary film profiling the exclusive group of NFL athletes who are both Heisman Trophy winners and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees. Airing Super Bowl 2023 weekend on FOX.

Viewers will get to step onboard Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach & Broadcaster Jimmy Johnson's "Three Rings" boat to witness a friendly competition, and all of the laughs and great stories Jimmy and his celebrity pals share on the water.

Hosted by former NFL Running Back, New York Times best-selling author & Dancing with the Stars winner Rashad Jennings, What It Takes unveils candid, personal accounts of A-Listers’ professional careers through an athlete-to-athlete lens. Joined by athletes across a myriad of sports and backgrounds, Rashad will attempt each guests’ respective craft to ultimately answer the question: What does it take does it take -- physically, emotionally, and mentally -- to compete at the highest level? Through compassionate storytelling, a focus on humility, and over 2,000 global sports to explore, the series will be endlessly educational and entertaining.

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